Game Rules-Roulette

The game adopted the single zero roulette according to the international standard. In this version, the wheel has 37 slots representing 36 numbers and one zero. The slots are differentiated by red and black colors. Player can either place your bet on a number or the combination of numbers on the table.

How to play:
After placing the bets, the croupier starts the spin in one direction and launches a ball in the opposite direction around a titled circular track running around the circumference of the wheel. The ball eventually loses momentum and falls onto the wheel and into one of the slot on the wheel.

Apparatus & How to place bet:
1. At the beginning of a round, player may place bet or bets on any numbers in the table layout or on the border of the slots.
2. The croupier starts the spin and launches the ball before the bet timer reaches 0.
3. The croupier announces the winning number and the result will be shown on player’s interface.

Game Rules:
Chips can be placed on different slots with different bet names in the table. You can place on any slots. However, there is a time limit for placing bets.

How to place bet & Betting Odds:
There are 12 types of bets in roulette, the variety of bets and odds are as below:

Straight Bet on single number (Can be 0 or any number. Place the chip within the square for the chosen number) 1 :35
Split Bet on two adjacent numbers (Place the chip on the edge shared by the numbers. E.g. 2-3) 1 :17
Street Bet on three numbers in a same line (Place the chip on the right edge of the line shared by the numbers) 1 :11
Trio 0,1,2 or 0,2,3 (Place the chip on the corner shared by three chosen numbers) 1 :11
Square Four numbers that meet at one corner (Place the chip on the common corner) 1 :8
First Four 0,1,2,3 (Place the chip on the right edge of 0, 1, 2, 3) 1 :8
Six Line On top of two adjacent lines (Place the chip on top intersected point of two adjacent lines [the right edge of the virtual table], six numbers) 1 :5
Column bet A column of 12 numbers (Place the chip on the space at the bottom of each column indicates the number of each column, 12 numbers in total, exclude 0) 1 :2
Dozen bet Place the chip on “1st Dozen”, “2nd Dozen, “3rd Dozen” space to bet the chosen dozen at once. (Respectively 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36) 1 :2
Red/Black A bet that the number will be the chosen color. The bet lose if a zero comes up. 1 :1
Even/Odd A bet that the number will be of the chosen type. The bet lose if a zero comes up. 1 :1
Big/Small Small (1-18); Big (19-36). The bet lose if a zero comes up. 1 :1

French Bets:
The wheel is broken down into four different sections (numbers, color), you can bet on any of them whenever you like (The sections are Third of The Wheel, Orphans, Neighbours of Zero, Zero Game). French Bets offer 5 types of bets.

How to bet:
Use the chip to click on the oval-shaped wheel to play the“French Bets”. Each wheel table shows the required chips for each gameplay, click to confirm the selected gameplay to place the bet.

Zero Game 4 0/3 ;12/15 ; 32/35 ;26
Neighbours of Zero 9 4/7;12/15;18/21;19/22;32/35 ---- 1 chip
0/2/3 --- 2 chip
25/26/28/29 ---- 2 chip
Orphans 5 6/9;14/17;17/20;31/34;1
Third of The Wheel 6 5/8;10/11;13/16;23/24;27/30;33/36
Neighbor Bets 5 Include that number, and the two numbers on each side of it (Five numbers in total).
E.g.: If you choose 18, your bet would cover numbers 9, 22, 18, 29,7.

1. There is minimum and maximum bet limit for the game and also personal bet limit. Player may place bet according to the personal limit. However, the player must meet the minimum bet limit of the gameplay.
2. In the case of the croupier launches the ball outside the wheel during the game, or the wheel stop spinning or other unexpected situation occurs. The game will restart and the ball will be thrown again. If any error occurs, all relevant bets/odds will be cancelled.
3. In the case of wrong calculation, recalculation will be done according to the actual video.